International Diaspora Engagement Alliance

To unleash the potential of diaspora engagement, USAID in collaboration with the U.S. State Department,
created the International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA).

IdEA promotes and supports diaspora-centered initiatives in investment & entrepreneurship, philanthropy, volunteerism,
and innovation in countries and regions of diaspora origin.


Who are the diaspora?

The Diaspora Map: Welcome

Inviting all IdEA member organizations, diaspora organizations, and organizations working with diasporas to apply to be listed on the map

IdEA envisions that in the future, the Diaspora map will be the first-ever comprehensive database of diaspora organizations, both in the US and around the globe. It will allow unprecedented understanding of diaspora groups and their activities through visualization and data analysis and will enable new connections and collaborations. The database will facilitate IdEA’s mission of being a platform for collaboration.

Learn more about the Diaspora Map here.