ADG II: Innovative and Sustainable Social Change

ADG II awards grants of £25000 to organisations and businesses that are income-generating, able to demonstrate job creation, or can be catalysts for employment-led growth.  Projects must be innovative, problem-solving and have maximum social impact.  Grants will be targeted towards labour-intensive businesses or projects.

The programme’s main goal is to contribute to the creation of an independent and stronger continent by enabling diaspora and local partners to mobilise financial resources, develop skills and the knowledge needed to become economically self-reliant.

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Applications will be open to UK registered diaspora-led organisations or businesses that have social, charitable or community-based objectives (social enterprises). The applying UK organisation will be required to work with local partners in Africa who will play a significant role in implementing the project on the ground, while the UK organisation will have management, financial and reporting activities for the grant.

Organisations will need to meet all the following to be eligible: be African diaspora-led; UK registered company, charity, co-operative, CIC, sole trader or business partnership; in good financial health.

Thematic areas of interest are agriculture, livelihoods, education, health, youth, WASH (Water, sanitation and Hygiene) as well as manufacturing, retail and hospitality sectors. Income generation should form a strong component of projects across all the thematic areas.  Innovation, use of technology, social media and strong partnership working is highly encouraged.


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