Kosovo Diaspora Call for Proposals

The areas where DSP will invest cover diaspora civic and political rights in Kosovo and transfers of “know-how” by Kosovo’s diaspora for social and economic development in Kosovo. In reaching these objectives, DSP will employ project grants with the purpose of supporting the existing and new civic potential in Diaspora.

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How to Apply

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Eligibility Details

Applicants with their proposals shall address one of the priority intervention areas below:

  • Diaspora media and civil society contribute to policy and decision-making processes that reflect diaspora civic and political rights in Kosovo.
  • Initiatives that aim to create sustainable and institutional mechanisms for providing and transferring sectoral know-how between diaspora and Kosovo are supported

Through their activities, grant beneficiaries shall strive in reaching the following expected results but not limited to:

  • Advance the diaspora civic and political rights in Kosovo and enable their practical implementation
  • Generate cases of positive changes in political, social, economic and administrative behavior regarding diaspora concerns;
  • Increased number of diaspora members participating in public debates which concern their civic and political rights;
  • Raised awareness of Kosovo institutions, civil society, academia and general public on specific diaspora needs/concerns related to their civic and political rights;
  • Create entry points and improve impact of diaspora civil society in policy‐making;  Create sustainable and institutional mechanisms to facilitate the transfer of sectorial know‐ how from diaspora to Kosovo    

Application Guidance

Applicants need to apply with proposals that are in compliance with the present guidelines and specific requirements in the respective application forms.
Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
Applicants shall fill in the application in one of these languages: Albanian, Serbian or English. Application forms can be downloaded from www.kcsfoundation.org/dsp   Applicants need to fill in the project grants application form including the budget form, and other obligatory documents specified in the form.