The Pacific Humanitarian Challenge

Pacific countries are highly exposed to the impacts of climate change and extreme natural events.  In recognition of these difficulties the challenge seeks innovative solutions, and the opportunity to prototype new ways of preparing for and responding to natural disasters. Specifically it seeks to re-think three critical challenges − the communication of needs; humanitarian logistics; and financial resilience – in responding to disasters, and to ultimately contribute to building a more resilient Pacific.

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February 14th, 2016

How to Apply

About This Funding Opportunity

Application Guidance

1. Impact and potential for scale. The application should demonstrate the potential to transform humanitarian response in the Pacific or build resilience.

2. Technical Feasibility. The application must think big, but equally be able to show that it is technically feasible.

3. Relevance to the Region. The applicant must demonstrate and understand the particular context present in the Pacific.

4. The practicality of use. The innovation/solution meets its identified market and customer needs. There is a clear path to initial adoption and broader market adoption.

5. Team. The applicant has applicable technical background and has the management capability to take this innovation/solution to the implementation phase.