Akili Dada

Akili Dada

Akili Dada is an international, award-winning leadership incubator cultivating transformative leadership in a generation of young African women. Our leadership development model builds a foundation for girls and young women ages 13-35 to acquire the essential skills needed to access key decision-making roles and leadership positions. By selecting from and building the capacity of some of Africa’s most innovative young women, we are meeting the urgent need for both more African women in leadership as well as the overarching need for creative and empathetic leadership that holds justice at its core.

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  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)


2nd Floor, Riara Corporate Suites
Riara Road (off Ngong Road)
P.O Box 27847-00100 Nairobi
ph: +254 020-2013873
cell: +254 0721-552120
          +254 0736-678701

Akili Dada
C/O One World Children's Fund
1016 Lincoln Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94129
ph: +1 415-484-9310

T : +1.408.506.4168
E : donna@akilidada.org

Organization Mission

Akili Dada's mission is to nurture transformative leadership in girls and young women from underprivileged backgrounds to meet the urgent need for more African women in leadership.

We envision a world in which African women leaders are actively participating in key decision-making processes across sectors. 

Area of Focus

Adolescent girls and young women: education, leadership, innovation, comprehensive and age appropriate health and human rights education, social entrepreneurship, civic participation, political engagement and leadership, 21st Century skills training, mentorship, holistic services, participatory and inclusive models, service learning, social innovation, youth economic opportunities. 

Areas of Expertise

Share my thoughts, Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Join the Team, Sit on your Board of Directors, Be a mentor, Give business planning and strategy advice, Share my knowledge of the market, Suggest Partners, Advise on distribution, Relevent Training