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Education in Every Home and Sustainable Development Organization (ESDO) is a non-governmental, nonprofit-making organization founded to work for development in and around Kapilvastu district. Young, energetic, change-seeking and enthusiastic youth came together to build its foundation during the years of the insurgency, when most non-government organizations were not working in rural areas and had evacuated their staff. It was established as a social development organization in 2002, registered with District Administration Office under Organization Registration Act 2034, and affiliating with Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2003.

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Motipur, Kapilvastu
Lumbini Zone

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Organization Mission

We believe that education is the root of empowerment. We believe in a definition of education that goes beyond the classroom and beyond basic literacy to include the tools to improve the lives of ordinary people, including skills training, financial literacy and entrepreneurship development, peace building, environment conservation and capacity building for people who have historically been excluded from access to information, particularly women, children, the poor, Dalit and other marginalized groups. We envision a just, prosperous and inclusive society where every person regardless of caste, gender, language, creed, culture, and ethnicity enjoy equal rights and opportunity to pursue his/her social, economic and cultural development.

Education in Every Home works in our own backyard: Kapilvastu District, Nepal. Siddhartha Gautam, known as the Buddha, grew up here 2,500 years ago. But children growing up in Kapilvastu today face high rates of illiteracy, school dropout, gender and caste-based discrimination, child labor and poverty. We're working to change that.