KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)

The Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) was established as a government-funded agency dedicated to grant aid programs on April 1991. KOICA endeavors to combat poverty and support sustainable socio-economic growth of partner countries. By doing so, KOICA establishes and strengthens friendly ties with developing countries.

At a Glance

Members 5
Partners 1

Organization Type

  • Government
  • Donor
  • Implementer


KOICA Headquarter
Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-shi, Sujeong-gu
825 Daewangpangyo-ro

T : +82-10-2795-5707
E : sabinne@koica.go.kr

Organization Mission

KOICA envisions becoming a development cooperation platform that works to initiate a new era of global happiness.

We contribute to addressing global develoopment issues by pursuing global harmony and facilitating the sustainable development of out partner countries,
aiming to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in developing countries.

Area of Focus

1. Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

2. 5 initiatives of Korean Government for Development

  - Better Life for Girls (Education and Health)
  - STI for better life (Science, Technology and Innovation)
  - Safe life for All (Health, GHSA)
  - BEAR(Better Education for African Region)
  - Saemaul Undong (New village movement, Agriculture and Leadership, Community)
3. Fighting Climate Change

Areas of Expertise

Share my thoughts, Suggest/provide funding and resources, Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Suggest Partners, Grant/Proposal Writing, Government Relations, Policy, Advocacy