Raíces engages diaspora populations in the U.S. who have strong connections in communities throughout Latin America to invest for social and financial returns. Investors in Raíces will fund Calvert Foundation’s loans to organizations that support small business lending, education, homeownership, agricultural production and fair financial services throughout Latin America as well as in Latino communities in the US.

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Raíces is a unique opportunity to support development in your country of heritage as well as to strengthen the future of your community in the US

Calvert Foundation plans to invest at least $25 million with organizations operating and investing in low-income communities in Latin America and in predominantly Latino communities in the US. We recognize that Latinos are a vibrant economic, cultural, and social force with strong ties to their roots and a tradition of financial giving and support. Raíces is an opportunity to continue this tradition while earning a return on that support. Raíces empowers Latinos–and anyone passionate about making a difference–to invest and "be parte de la solution." It is an invitation to invest with pride and to invest with purpose in the communities you care about.

The Raíces Initiative is made possible through partners who have provided programmatic, investment and strategic support for our diaspora investment initiatives: Inter-American Development Bank Group; the US Department of State and USAID through the International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA); MacArthur Foundation; W.K. Kellogg Foundation.