Innovative Development Through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Project

Innovative Development Through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Project

IDEA fosters partnerships with the private sector, government, non-governmental organizations, and academia to spark Filipino engineering and science students, researchers and start-up entrepreneurs into transforming their innovative ideas into products and businesses.

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Program Status Update

IDEA leverages resources to scale up PhilDev’s existing entrepreneurship program which trains Filipino engineers and scientists in business planning, market identification, product marketing, business incubation, and venture capital. IDEA also holds annual international entrepreneurship symposia for Philippine universities featuring U.S. professors and entrepreneurs; conducts entrepreneurship workshops for Filipino engineering scholars; and organizes a Visiting Professor Program that allows American and Filipino professors to evaluate engineering and science programs, and infuse entrepreneurship into their curriculums.


  • Strengthen entrepreneurship program in Philippine engineering and science higher education institutions
  • Engage a greater network of private and public partners to ensure the long-term sustainability and scalability of the program
  • Create linkages among U.S. professors and universities, entrepreneurs, investors and other leaders to partner towards innovative solutions on critical development problems